EA Talks

Lightning Talks | EAGxVirtual 2022

February 11, 2023 Peter Gebauer and Patrick Brinich-Langlois
EA Talks
Lightning Talks | EAGxVirtual 2022
Show Notes

Community members deliver short, 5-minute talks on a variety of topics:

1. Hen welfare is tricky - Lukas Jasiunas
2. AI Safety Low Hanging Fruit - Erik Otto
3. The UN Common Agenda: a major opportunity for x-risk governance and future generations - Jacob Arbeid
4. Animals and longtermism - Aditya S.K
5. Extending cause prioritization research to the behavioral sciences - Falk Lieder
6. Strengthening democracy of the world’s superpower - J.T. Stanley
7. Why you should have a coach - Dave Cortright
8. Introducing EA Virtual Reality - Hampton Mosel

Effective Altruism is a social movement dedicated to finding ways to do the most good possible, whether through charitable donations, career choices, or volunteer projects. EA Global conferences are gatherings for EAs to meet. You can also listen to this talk along with its accompanying video on YouTube.